How to Use

JR Tsudanuma Station/Keisei Tsudanuma Station⇔Haneda Airport Multiple Coupon

Regular Single Fare Adult 1,250 yen
Discount Type Multiple Coupon
Price Adult Multiple Coupon 10,000 yen (usable for 11,250 yen)
9 x 1,250 yen
Where to purchace
  • Tsudanuma Area⇒Bus driver of Haneda Airport bound bus
  • Haneda Airport Arrival Information Desk/Airport Limousine Bus Ticketing Counter
Validity No validity
Specified Section Can only be used on JR Tsudanuma Station/ Keisei Tsudanuma Station⇔Haneda Airport
  • Haneda Airport departure must select your bus journey before boarding.
  • Refund can only be made at the place of purchase. Refund fee is 210 yen.
  • For part refund of your multiple ticket, used pieces will be caluculated as regular fare. Refund fee is payable.
  • Late Night and Early Morning Service can be used when fare difference is paid in cash.