How to Use

How to Use

Reservation and Payment

Discounted Tickets

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Credit Cards and IC Cards

Payment by credit cards are welcome

How to Book

Discover how our booking process works.


Customer Receipt Requests

How to bookmark your favorite route

Make a easy booking with bookmark feature

Planning Your Journey

Service Information

Safety Tips for Your Journey

For first time travellers

Welcome to Airport Limousine Bus


Check-in backage information

Customers with disabilities

Wheelchair accecible bus information

Travelling with Pets

Travelling with Pets

Our Bus Stops and Buses

Manners Onboard

Manners Onboard

Limousine Bus Free Wi-Fi

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Ticket Vending Machine

How to use ticket vending machine


Lost and Found

Enquiry and Lost and Found Centre

Flight and Airport Information

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HND Midnight & Early Morning Service

Bus Access to and from Haneda Airport between 0:00-5:00