How to Use

Kameari, Koiwa, Ichinoe, Kasai Station⇔Haneda Airport Multiple Coupon *We have finished selling "Haneda Airport-Kisarazu Line" Multiple Coupons on 15 April 2023.

Bus Stop Kameari Station/ South Koiwa Station/ South,
Ichinoe Station, Kasai Station
Regular Single Fare Adult 1,200 yen Adult 1,100 yen
Discount Type Multiple Coupon
Price Adult Multiple Coupon 10,000 yen (usable for 11,800 yen)
10 x 1,050 yen and 13 x 100 yen
Where to purchace
  • Kameari Station, Koiwa Station, Ichinoe Station, Kasai Station→Bus driver of Haneda Airport Bound Bus
  • Keisei Bus Koiwa Stasion Service Center (Bus Ticket Office)
  • Kameari You Road Service center
  • Haneda Airport Information Desk/Airport Limousine Bus Ticketing Counter
Validity No validity
Specified Section Multiple ticket of 500 yen for Koiwa Station, Ichinoe Station, Kasai Station can be used on Kameari⇔Haneda Airport if you pay the price difference.
  • Haneda Airport departure must select your bus journey before boarding.
  • Refund can be made at the place of issue. Refund fee is 210yen. If you have bought on the bus, refund is accepted at Keisei Bus Information.
  • For part refund of your multiple ticket, used pieces will be caluculated as regular fare. Refund fee is payable.
  • If you are using Early Morning and Late Night buses by using multiple ticket, please pay the diffrence in cash or multiple ticket. Please note that Early Morning and Late Night buses of Haneda departure at 1:25, Ichinoe Station departure at 3:19, Kasai Station departure at 3:25 cannot be used.