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Visitor Tickets

Welcome to Tokyo Airport Limousine Bus Return Voucher

“Welcome to Tokyo Limousine Bus Return Voucher” is the super discounted special coupons designed especially for visitors from overseas arriving only at Narita Airport.

Narita Airport→Central Tokyo→Narita Airport

Return Voucher Fares:

  • Adult 4,500 yen
  • Child 2,250 yen
    (Discount rate 27.4% total save 1,700 yen*)

*Compared to our normal Adult Return Fare of 6,200 yen
“Welcome to Tokyo Limousine Bus Return Voucher” is available at Narita Airport Limousine Bus Ticket Counter.

Limousine & Metro Pass

A convenient and advantageous “Limousine & Metro Pass” is available at Airport Limousine Bus Ticketing Counter. “Limousine & Metro Pass” is a set of promotional tickets containing Airport Limousine Bus Ticket between Narita Airport and Central Tokyo and freedom ticket of Tokyo Metro Lines. You can enjoy an unlimited travel throughout Tokyo Metro Network using Tokyo Metro Pass!

  • * Two-day Metro Pass is a Consecutive Type Pass.

Airport Limousine Bus Voucher

Airport Limousine Bus Voucher is the super coupons for visitors from overseas. This voucher can be used as soon as you arrive in Tokyo Narita / Haneda Airport. You can use any of our AIRPORT LIMOUSINE BUS routes regardless of the cash fare differences.

  • * Purchase before arrival in Tokyo enables you to travel to final destination with ease.

Airport Limousine Bus Vouchers are available from:
Sales Agents who sell tickets on our behalf.
Airport Limousine Bus Vouchers are not sold in Japan.
Please obtain from your Local Sales Agents.