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Can I use Airport Limousine Bus service if I don't fly today?

You can use our services even if you don't fly today.

Can I take Airport Limousine Bus without reservation?

If there are vacant seat, you can take the bus even without reservation.

I don’t stay at the hotel bus arrives. Can I take the bus?

Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you can take the bus.

Can I take the Airport Limousine Bus which isn’t on our timetable?

Airport Limousine Bus doesn’t stop, departs or arrives the bus stop which is not on our timetable.
If you would like to take our bus from the place not on our website, please go to nearest bus stop or hotel we have bus service.

Which terminal should I get off the bus when the bus arrives at airport?

Your terminal differs by flight and Airline at both Narita and Haneda Airport.
Please make sure your flight number you have reserved use your terminal or wing.
Please check it on website of your airlines.

What is business hours of Airport Limousine Bus ticket counter at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport?
●Narita Airport
  • Terminal 1 Nouth Wing
      06:30~Last bus
  • Terminal 2 South Wing
      06:30~Last bus
  • Terminal 3
      06:30~Last bus
●Haneda Airport
  • Terminal 1
  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3
Can I board morning bus leaves from Haneda Airport for Tokyo Disney Resort without reservation?

Morning bus from Haneda Airport for Tokyo Disney Resort is mostly full by reserved passenger.
If you try to board the morning bus without reservation, you may wait long time. We recommend advance reservation on our website.


I would like to reserve the bus ticket to airport, until when should I arrive the airport?

We recommend arriving at airport at least 1 hour before your flight time if your flight is domestic flight.
If you flight is international, we recommend 2 hours. Arrival time of the bus may delay because of traffic condition. So please leave your time to spare if you reserve the bus. Check in deadline time differs from flight or airline. Please check your airlines on the website of the airline.

Can I change my reservation to a earlier bus on the day of my travel?

Yes, you can.
We are happy to make your reservation change to a earlier bus if available. Please tell our staff at the counter or the driver. If you are late and missed the bus, you can use the next available bus. Please note that your reservation will not be changed to the next bus automatically.

I have heard that we can make reservation of Airport Limousine Bus leaves from airport. I need to know detail.

You can make reservation of Airport Limousine Bus leaves from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport on our website if you pay with your credit cards.

I would like to reserve the bus from airport, How many minutes is enough time upon my flight arrive time to bus departure time?

For smooth use, we recommend following time upon arrival of your flight if you take Airport Limousine bus departs from Airport.
domestic flight without check in baggage → 30 to 40 minutes from flight arrival.
domestic flight with check in baggage → 45 to 60 minutes from flight arrival.
International flight → 1 hour from flight arrival.

*If flight delays, you can change your bus time yourself by logging in your account

If I make reservation of the bus from Airport. Where should I go?

If you have made on website reservation with credit card payment, you always need QR code to board Airport Limousine Bus.
Please bring your QRcode with you and show your QR code to our bus stop staff or busdriver.

If I make reservation of the bus departing from hotel, where should I go?

If you have only made reservation, please go to bus ticket reception at hotel and purchase bus ticket there before you take the bus.

Please check bus ticket reception at hotel
Narita Airport Route
Haneda Airport Route

If my flight delays and I couldn’t take the bus ticket I purchased on website. What should I do?

Please log into your account on our website and change the bus time by yourself.
You can change bus time up to 10 times free and until 5 minutes before bus departure time.
110YEN cancelling fee is charged if you cancel your reservation except bus service is suspended due to Airport Limousine Bus caused trouble.
Refund can’t be done unless you cancel before bus departure time.

Ticket and Fares

How old does a child have to buy a child ticket?
Do I have to pay for a infant if occupy a seat?

Child ticket is a half fare of regular fare and apply to 6 years old to 12 years old (Elementary School) Infants under 6 and not occupying a seat travel free on Airport Limousine Bus.

Where can I buy the ticket where bus stop does not have any desk, ticket counter or ticket machine?

You can pay your bus fare to the busdriver on the bus if there are not desk. We do not accept credit cards payment. When you pay on the bus, payment is limited to Japanese Yen and Japanese public transport IC cards.

Can I use credit card or IC card for payment?

We accept payment by credit card at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Tokyo City Air Terminal, Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal and Yokohama City Air Terminal and ticket machines.
You can use major credit cards including VISA, MASTER CARD, Ginkgo, JCB, American Express, Diners and Discovery cards.
Please check here for bus stop where Contactless IC cards are available.

Can I use multiple ticket and return voucher on any route?

Please check your multiple ticket and return voucher as is tends to be for the specified route only.

I have purchased Airport Limousine Bus ticket outside Japan, How can I use the bus?

Upon arrival, please stop by Airport Limousine Bus counter on arrival lobby of the airport and exchange your ticket to time specified ticket before you take the bus.

Welcome to Tokyo Return Voucher/Multi Voucher

Where can I buy Welcome to Tokyo Return Voucher or Multi Voucher?

Welcome to Tokyo Return Voucher and Multi Vouchers are not available in Japan. They are available from appointed travel agents outside Japan or online travel apps, such as KLOOK.
Multi Voucher will be discontinued at the end of September 2023. Exchange voucher holders can continue to redeem their vouchers at Narita Airport ticketing counters.

I would like to buy Welcome to Tokyo Return Voucher or Multi Voucher on your website and reserve the bus

Welcome to Tokyo Return Voucher and Multi Vouchers are not available in Japan. They are available from appointed travel agents outside Japan or online travel apps, such as KLOOK.
Seat reservations are not accepted from airport to central Tokyo as well as central Tokyo terminals such as Shinjuku Station, Tokyo City Air Terminal to the airport. Seat reservations are essential if you travel to the airport from hotel. Please contact +81-3-3665-7120 for seat reservation.


How many baggage can I check in during bus ride?

You can check in up to 2 pieces per passenger.

Check-in baggage information

Can I check in my Surfboard?

Yes, if it is under 2 metres long. But depends on your bus on the day of your travel.

Running time and Delay

Do you run your service on schedule as shown on the website?

Yes, we run on time as possible as we can using GPS and two way radio to avoid traffic congestions.

If Airport Limousine Bus delays, will the flight awaits for the bus?

No, they will not await for the bus customers. Please allow ample time to reach to the airport. We are not responsible for any delays such as traffic congestions which is beyond our contorol.


What shall I do if I want to make a website direct links to Airport Limousine Bus website?

Please send a massage to us from here.
Links are only allowed from the top page.

Where can I obtain Airport Limousine Bus goods?

We are attending many events and have stalls there. Please check our Facebook page for event information.

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Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00/Everyday
* There has been an increase in the number of wrong numbers being dialed. Please check our number carefully before calling.


Airport Limousine Bus Customer Service Center
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