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Accessibility Guides

Our staff is ready to assist you on the following manner.
Please note that the notes described below will only be applied to Airport Limousine Bus service. This excludes other bus operator on jointly operated routes.


Wheelchairs can be stored in the Baggage Compartment of the bus. However, we cannot accept Electrical Wheelchair due to a structural reason depending on the vehicle types.

Priority Seats

We have 4 priority seats (2 rows) inside the bus. These priority seats are reserved for passengers who need special assistance. Please notice our staff before you board the bus if you wish to use this priority seats. We are happy to help you to your seats.

  • * First come first served basis.
  • * No advance reservation for those seats can be accepted.

Guide Dogs

All Guide Dogs can board the bus with you without any charges.

  • * 50% discount fare will be applied upon request up to two persons including yourself.