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About Low Emission Vehicles

Airport Limousine Bus has been deploying Low Emission Vehicles since November 15 2005, which are qualified to adapt to the New Long-Term Emissions Regulation.
In connection with introduction of such vehicles, Adblue (Urea) station has been installed at our own premises for the first time in Japan being implemented.

Low Emission Vehicles are made by Nissan Diesel, which had been qualified to be deployed far ahead of an execution of the New Long-Term Emissions Regulation in September 2007.

The differences between the new-type of vehicles of Airport Limousine Bus and the old ones include the followings.

  • The system of Adblue (urea) SCR(*) has been loaded.
  • Automatic Transmission has been added to adapt to a less ventilation engine.
  • Emergency exit has been equipped at the center of the vehicle to protect the safety.
  • Stool in the rest room has been improved to be converted to the type of air-pressurized by fresh water from the old type of circulation, also with ozone-generated apparatus being added to focus the sterilization and deodorizing. It is located at the end of the row at the side of the driver's cab.

It is our policy that the customers can enjoy riding with the fullest ease, in addition to the safety, and can be relaxed with the familiar circumstances by introducing the best possible environmental measures being taken, which include an idling stop of the vehicles and servicing low emission vehicles on our operation.

  • * SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction, is designed to decrease NOx being mixed in the emission gas, by utilizing Adblue (urea) as a catalyst.

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