Narita Airport Forest Inn Showakan

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Forest Inn Showakan [Dep.] → Narita Airport [Arr.]

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  • *Arrival time shown here are scheduled expected time. Due to reasons beyond our control, our bus services may run behind the schedules.
  • *We are not responsible for any delays caused by traffic congestions, which is beyond our control.
Forest Inn Showakan Dep. 04:30 09:10 13:15              
Narita Airport Terminal 2 Arr. 07:15 12:25 16:30              
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Arr. 07:20 12:30 16:35              
Narita Airport Terminal 3 Arr. 07:25 12:35 16:40              

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Operation Notice

Reservation essential if you are travelling from Tachikawa Area. Please make your reservation at least one day before your travel.

Reservation Information & Where to buy your ticket

Boarding place Reservation by phone Online Reservation Where to buy your ticket
Forest Inn Showakan Limousine Bus Reservation Center
Currently in Japanese Only Information Center or Bus Garage of Tachikawa Bus,
Major Sales Agents (sales commission may apply)

Cash Fares & Visitor Tickets

Adult Single Child Single
¥ 3700 ¥ 1850

Visitor Tickets

Duration & Current Travel Time

Scheduled Duration
about 165 ~ 205 mins

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Current Travel Time

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