FIT Coupon

All overseas agents sell a printed type FIT coupon. Some overseas agents also sell them including in the package tours for FIT visitors, please enquire with individual agents.

Select your region of residence from the link below to find your nearest agent:

FIT Coupon types

1. NARITA FIT coupon (Narita Airport-Central Tokyo and Yokohama)

2. HANEDA FIT Coupon (Haneda Airport-Central Tokyo)

Child coupon is also available for both types.

  • * FIT coupon cannot be accepted on some routes. Please click for the route list for FIT coupon.

How to use

  • FIT Coupon must be exchanged to a Boarding Ticket at Limousine Bus Ticket Counter at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Shinjuku Station, T-CAT or YCAT. 
  • No ticket exchange required when boarding from hotels. Please contact hotel reception for reservation inquiries.


  • One Coupon for single journey. Two coupons are required for round trip.
  • FIT coupon must be validated by your issuing agency before use.
  • FIT coupon cannot be refunded by Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd.