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OtherT-CAT-Big Sight Route

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T-CAT(Tokyo City Air Terminal)[Dep.] → Tokyo Big Sight[Arr.]


  • *Arrival time shown here are scheduled expected time.Due to reasons beyond our control, our bus services may run behind the schedules.
  • *We are not responsible for any delays caused by traffic congestions, which is beyond our control.
T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal) Dep. 14:30 14:55 15:30 16:00
Tokyo Big Sight Arr. 14:45 15:10 15:45 16:15

Operation Notice

Boarding on the subject date and Ticketing

Ticket can be purchased even on the day of your departure,either at the ticket counter of Airport Limousine or through the ticket Vending Machine Located on the 3rd floor of Tokyo City Air Terminal.
The service is also available for the customer who shall not be traveling on the flight.

The Route at Narita Airport

Passenger Terminal Two → South Wing at Passenger Terminal → North Wing at Passenger Terminal One

  • * Bus will arrive just in front of Departure Lobby of each Passenger Terminal.

Services on Holidays

Our services have been daily operated on Time Table, regardless of days of the week.

Reservation Information & Where to buy your ticket


No advanced reservation has been available for the bus departing from T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal).

Cash Fares & Visitor Tickets

Adult Single Child Single
¥600 ¥300

Click here for other ticket information

Visitor Tickets

Duration & Current Travel Time

Scheduled Duration
about 25 - 30 mins

Click here for latest travel information

Current Travel Time

Where to board

You may zoom-in the map when this sign is shown.To view an enlarged section of the map,please right click(control + click for Mac users)on the map and select zoom-in from the menu.

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