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“Tokyo City Air Terminal ~ Narita Airport”
T-CAT Special fare information for inbound customers

Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. (Takehito Masui, Managing Director) in Tokyo, would like to give special thanks to all of our customers who have used our promotion fare of “Tokyo City Air Terminal ~ Narita Airport 1,900 yen (Adult) and 950 yen (Child)” . “T-CAT Night Special” fare of 1,000 yen will be applied for everyone using buses departing after 19:00.

*Tokyo City Air Terminal is called T-CAT located in Central Tokyo direct access to Royal Park Hotel and Hanzomon Line Suitengu-mae Station.


Name: “TCAT Special”
Sector: Tokyo City Air Terminal* ⇔ Narita Airport
Eligibility: Inbound Customers from other countries (ID required)
Fares: Adult Single 1,900 yen / Child Single 950 yen (Discount rate 36.7 %*)
  • *Compared to our normal Adult Fare of 3,000 yen
Where to buy: Tokyo City Air Terminal or Narita Airport Limousine Bus Ticket Counter
Name: “TCAT Night Special 1000”
Sector: Tokyo City Air Terminal → Narita Airport
All buses departing after 19:00
Fares: 1,000 yen (all customers including child) (Discount rate 66.7 %*)
  • *Compared to our normal Adult Fare of 3,000 yen
Where to buy: Tokyo City Air Terminal 3rd floor

New left baggage/luggage facility will be ready for customers inside Tokyo City Air Terminal Tourist Information Center on 1st April, 2015.

Company Profile:

Airport Transport Service Company Limited, known as ‘Friendly Airport Limousine’, one of the world’s biggest airport bus company, was established in 1954 as a professional airport bus operator.

Our first priority is our customers. We are fully committed to providing all customers with quality, safety and reliable bus services.

Our total fleet size is 460 of which 350 coaches are destined for regular scheduled duties and 40 coaches are for charter duties for airline’s crew, 70 buses are for Airside Operations (i.e. Ramp bus) at both airports.

We are currently operating 1200 services a day connecting Narita, Haneda Airport and Central Tokyo and Yokohama, welcoming 7.7 million tourists a year. Our Airport Limousine Bus service is the most convenient and comfortable way to get to and from Narita and Haneda Airport. Our fully air-conditioned, huge baggage capacity coaches make for Tokyo's smoothest and most scenic bus rides, providing convenient access to major locations in Tokyo and Yokohama Stations and Hotels with buses running on the routes at frequent intervals.

We are confident that bus travel to and from Narita and Haneda Airport is still by far the best value choice. We are looking forward to serving Japan bound customers with the highest quality of services.

For media enquiries, please contact Airport Limousine Bus Corporate Planning at